Welcome to Naturally Your Store. My name is Karen and I am married with 2 gorgeous boys and lucky enough to live on a lifestyle block where we have a large vege garden and raise our animals as organically as possible.

I am a naturopath and have worked in the natural health industry for over 10 years in retail and consulting with clients. After our youngest came along I took a year off work to be mum but I was still researching and trying to find products to use for my kids and animals that I like, that actually are natural and actually do work. I also needed a more flexible work environment so ‘Naturally Your Store’ was born.

There are lots of ‘Organic’ websites but not everyone can afford to be ‘organic’ and there are other ‘natural health’ websites/shops that stock hundreds of products but these are not necessarily best quality or natural. I wanted to bring another approach to the natural health shop industry that I would only stock products that I would use for myself and my family, supplements that aren't full of preservatives and fillers, products that are truly eco or natural and products I can use safely for my animals. I would love one day for Naturally Your Store to be a one stop shop for all your health and home eco-friendly products

So send in any recipes or stories you may have, follow my blog and enjoy shopping


Our Inspiration

Sitting in my office looking out at the garden and seeing small birds flittering around catching insects, watching bees pollinating the plants, seeing the trees so tall and majestic, listening to the crickets in the summer and the more-pork in autumn, watching hawks flying around. Going outside to pick big fat juicy blackberries or fresh asparagus for tea. Knowing this is the world I want my kids to grow up in and enjoy and the way I would like to leave it. Alive, green and beautiful.

Our Promise

To research the best brands and quality natural health products at affordable prices. We will only stock products we believe in and know are better for you and the environment. Our aim is to allow you to shop with confidence that you are buying a quality product from a company that cares about the land, sustainability of the earth and ingredients and cares about what you put into and on your body.

Our Philosophy

To stock eco-friendly, sustainable sourced, natural products from ethical companies. To reuse all our packaging and recycle where possible. To educate you on whole foods, reading labels, where your ingredients come from and taking responsibility for what choices you make every day. Its ok to have a coffee or glass of wine or a piece of yummy chocolate cake but by taking a small step and making a small change to what you purchase, you have the power to make a HUGE difference to the Sunbears, Orangutan, Whales, Dolphins, Bees, Pigs, Chickens, Kelp, Coral……

And all animals and plants of this earth.

I care passionately about the earth and believe we all need to think about where our food and other products come from and the impact we have on the environment by the choices we make every day.

Our Products

Our products are sourced from companies that care about what ingredients they use, how their product is manufactured and care about the environment. Our products are natural, non GMO, not animal tested, chemical free, organic where possible and the highest quality. We will try to source New Zealand made products but this may not always be possible. You won’t find 10 different fish oils or products that contain palm oil or products that contain unsustainable ingredients. There maybe a couple of exceptions to the rule if we find a product we feel needs to be included as it is high quality, gives results and we don't already stock a similar product.

If you find a product or brand you would like us to stock drop us a line and we will check it out.